Jet Towel Mini:
small and exquisite in every situation

The Jet Towel Mini is perfect when there is only limited available space for exacting hygiene requirements. It can be fixed to the wall as a compact solution above the sink. All that is needed is a narrow recess to experience the full convenience of a genuine Jet Towel in any washroom.

Compact dimensions, major benefits

Thanks to its extremely fast-starting motor, the Jet Towels Mini is immediately ready for use. It reliably dries hands – fully contactlessly. Its built-in drain tank collects any excess water. All parts that come into contact with water have an antibacterial coating, ensuring that the entire housing can be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants.

The highly efficient endurance appliance

Even the Jet Towel Mini stands out from the crowd with its low operating costs. Its motor works energy-efficiently and quietly and generates an even air flow with excellent drying. The Jet Towel Mini can be operated in powerful “High” mode or eco-friendly “Low” mode. The heating system for the air flow can also be switched off and on, enabling it to be ideally adapted to individual operating conditions.