in the 21st century

The basic form of the Jet Towel was invented back in 1993 – by Mitsubishi Electric. It has systematically evolved since its earliest beginnings. Today the Jet Towel represents a benchmark, the well thought-out overall performance of which cannot fail to impress users.

Dry hands in seconds

Conventional roller towels and paper towels soon reach their limits in places where lots of people need to wash their hands. A much more modern alternative is the Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel. It innovatively meets the most exacting hygiene, convenience and sustainability requirements especially in areas with a high footfall.

Always the right solution

The Jet Towel is available in three series to meet all requirements and all locations: The Jet Towel Slim can be flexibly wall-mounted or optionally on a stand. There is also the compact Jet Towel Mini with its drip tray and the minimalist design of the Jet Towel Smart for special applications.

Jet Towel Slim

A breath of fresh air in every washroom. Hygienic and comfortable.

Jet Towel Smart

The compact design option. Durable and robust.

Jet Towel Mini

Small and exquisite in every situation. Highly efficient and enduring.

As simple as a towel – only much better 

The Jet Towel dries hands thoroughly in seconds, simply by a concentrated flow of air. It provides operators, as well as users, with a wealth of benefits:

  • Cost-effective

    The Jet Towel generates only a fraction of the ongoing costs with paper towels or roller towels, paying for itself even with comparatively few uses every day.

  • Hygienic and convenient

    Users particularly appreciate a Jet Towel: it dries hands quietly and without contact. It is intuitive to use, has an antibacterial coating and creates an attractive and clean environment that is sure to win over customers, employees and anyone involved with service and maintenance.

  • Cleaning- and maintenance-friendly

    The Jet Towel is cleaning-friendly. Its air filter can be easily cleaned and the drain tank emptied in a few simple steps. That is significantly less time-consuming than filling paper towel dispensers or replacing roller towels, and saves caretakers and cleaning staff precious time.

  • Sustainable

    The Jet Towel reliably dries hands. There is no need for additional drying, no paper towel waste and no associated costs. The Jet Towel preserves natural resources and complies with the highest sustainability standards.